For two days only: Get the zebrafish ebook for free

Sunday November 18 and Monday November 19, I’m giving away my new ebook for free on Amazon, or Amazon’s UK site. It’s called Meet the Zebrafish. A Short Guide to Keeping, Breeding and Understanding the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) in Your Home Aquarium. It should be of interest to home aquarium keepers in particular.

The purpose of the free promotion is to get people to recommend the book to friends, or to leave a review on Amazon or elsewhere. But there’s no obligation, of course. Just download and enjoy.

And in case you didn’t know: You don’t need a Kindle reader to read Amazon’s Kindle ebooks. Just download one of their free reader apps for smartphones, tablets or regular computers. I buy quite a few ebooks from Amazon myself, and I read them on my iPad.