My zebrafish book is published on Amazon

This little ebook is written for anyone who keeps zebrafish at home, or who considers buying zebrafish. It combines my own experience with keeping and breeding zebrafish at home, with information drawn from scientific studies of zebrafish biology. The book is written in a simple, accessible style. You will find practical advice here as well as interesting information that helps you appreciate how complex and interesting beings zebrafishes are. You can read the ebook on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC or Mac using Amazon's free reading app.

Zebrafish (which are also known as zebra danios) are beautiful, lively little aquarium fish that are easy to keep. Zebrafish are a great choice for your first aquarium, and the perfect starter fish for anyone who wants to try fish breeding. Zebrafish are easy to find and cheap to purchase, but you could study them for a lifetime. As a matter of fact, some people do: zebrafish are commonly held and studied in biological labs. There is even a serious, scientific journal called Zebrafish.

The text answers questions such as: How can I breed zebrafish if I only have a single aquarium? Why do zebrafish sometimes fight? How do young zebrafish recognize their siblings among other zebrafish of the same age? Why do some zebrafish have spots instead of stripes? The book also contains my own photographs showing zebrafish behavior and their life cycle. The images are in color, but they also work well on a black-and-white kindle screen.
Contents include:
• Zebrafish in the wild
• Zebrafish behavior
• Creating a good zebrafish habitat in your aquarium
• Feeding your zebrafish
• Breeding zebrafish
• Zebrafish and science

The book is for sale on Amazon. The full title is: Meet the Zebrafish. A Short Guide to Keeping, Breeding and Understanding the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) in Your Home Aquarium.